The Titan Platform

A Leading Edge Back Office Platform

Titan is an all-in-one portfolio accounting and transfer agency platform ideal for funds, partnerships, company managers, insurance and private equity.

Titan is a single technology platform, designed to accommodate solutions for multiple finance related industries in one system. Titan is engineered for flexibility, scalability, and dependency. It is hosted in a private cloud environment for the highest level of convenience for our clients and the strongest possible security for their data.

Portfolio Accounting

The Titan Platform is the industry leading, multi-currency back office solution that handles all investment types, including private equity deals. With Titan, you can drill down to taxlot level portfolio accounting data, track costs associated with specific deals, auto-accrue income. It is the only fully featured platform built for the web.

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Transfer Agency

Titan handles all investment structures within one platform. From partnerships to equalization funds, Titan will track your contacts, calculate fees and allocate income to investors. This all-in-one solution eliminates data duplication and increases your productivity.

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Partnership Accounting

Titan is a full partnership accounting solution which allows you to properly track partners, allocate income, calculate fees and report K1's. Titan allows flexible fee structures, partner specific income/expense allocation, and class based partnerships.

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Compliance and AML

Titan includes a full compliance and KYC module. Track due diligence and KYC information on investors and related parties. Assign risk ratings and compile overall risk metrics. Titan also fully integrates with our AML Center, a World-Check style service that checks names against major international sanctions lists.

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Automated Reporting

Titan features a fully automated reporting system that sends reports via fax, email, ftp or mail to investors and related parties. It also include a fully integrated portal for investors and managers. It allows you to customize reports sent to investors and managers.

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Private Cloud

AdvancedAIS offers the Titan Platform in a private cloud environment which ensures the security of your data, the scalability of your environment, and redundancy in the event of a failover. Our private cloud environment ensures that your firm has its core data properly protected in case of a disaster and available in order to ensure your business continuity.

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About Advanced Alternative Investment Systems

AdvancedAIS was established in 2006 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Building on a high volume, secure logic tier, AdvancedAIS has created a leading edge financial system platform for hedge funds, fund administrators, private equity and other investment firms.

With a combination of hedge fund industry experience, accounting knowledge, and software development acumen; the Titan Platform has quickly become the premier back office system for the industry. A flexible solution that is an 'all-in-one' platform offers our clients the total lowest cost of ownership while providing the most efficient software environment.

AdvancedAIS is passionate about creating high volume, secure financial systems that enable organizations to be efficient, flexible and client-centric. We rely on the professionalism and expertise of our employees to ensure that AdvancedAIS provide a premier level of service to our partners and customers.

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